A Court OF Mist and Fury

Wow. I don’t know what to say, even writing this review is making me emotional. Why am I giving a 5* rating- I don’t know, I knew one of the biggest spoilers of the books before reading it (which spoiled quite a bit of excitement) and I didn’t like the extreme lust and romance in the book. But I gave it 5*s. So let’s have it, the pros and cons of ACOMAF!!!

Tamlin stole my heart as well as Feyre’s. But, he was a total asshole in this book. We find out what he did to Rhys and despite being in love with Feyre, he wants her all for himself.
Whereas Feyre’s romance with him felt a little rushed, with Rhys, it was slow and real and her love for him is shown further when she makes the sacrifice.
Rhysand was like Loki to me, you know? Evil but benevolent in the inside. And wonderful.
The supporting cast were fabulous. Beautiful and somewhat righteous with demons hiding within them.
Lucien felt like the best supporting character in ACOTAR, but although we previously saw the distinct line between him and Tamlin (Tamlin feral, possessive and dominant, Lucien the opposite but loyal and weak) we see how feral he can be, which kind of broke my heart too; when we find out that Elain is his mate and Mor snatches her and Nesta away, he wants her, exactly how Tamlin wanted Feyre for all himself.
The King of Hybern was my evil little James McAvoy.
Jurian was my Josh Dallas as Prince James from OUAT.

And now to my Cons, the King and Jurian were flawed, and didn’t have enough depth too them. The King of Hybern was a cardboard cut out of The King of Adarlan from the TOG series and Jurian was a diluted version of it. But I bet Maas has a few tricks up her sleeve.
There was too much fun. And by that I mean the sexual activities within the book. I like a good romance and this was good one, but I find that taking a couple of steps further really spoils

Feyre plays along being Tamlin’s lover and find out she’s pregnant
Tamlin thinks it’s his child and is happy.
Lucien knows it isn’t and threatens to tell Tamlin if Feyre tells him EVERYTHING and gets Elaine back. She reluctantly accepts.
Nesta bonds with Cassian and hopefully falls for him.
Rhys worries about Feyre 24/7.
Feyre fixes the bond.
she gives birth.
Tamlin is going to kill it.
….Kills it? Or Lucien saves it and Heroic shi* happens.
and more heroic sh*t.
Amren’s inner beast is revealed- SHE IS THE MOTHER!!!!!
Heroic sh*t.
Happy ending. Hopefully.

I hope this doesn’t happen, but I have feeling Feyre is going to fall for Tamlin all over again, or falls for…Lucien.
someone is going to win Jurian’s heart. I can feel it.
Something bad is going to happen to Elain or Nesta.
As well as Night Court and Co.

Last words: I don’t want Feyre to fall for Tamlin. I WANT HIM TO DIEE.
edit: I think Tamlin will reveal all to Feyre.

A Court of Thorns a Roses

Clever and sexy retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Written on 30/04/16

Holy moly. This was GOOD.

I loved it. And at least I could say that I love it unlike Feyre.

Feyre was a good protagonist, but not as good as Aelin. She seemed a bit one sided, and did not have enough depth at first. But her relationship with her sisters, especially Nesta, gave me an insight to her personality. She thought she had loved someone, presumably lost her virginity to him, but then realised that he was not the one. I pitied her in that way. But then she meets Tamlin, who gives her this feeling she has never felt before: love. Usually I don’t like books which the protagonist is like What is this feeling? But I wouldn’t blame her if she felt this way. She thought she had found love before and it wasn’t real but this was.
But when she suddenly had lap dancing time with Rhysand, she was a total whore to me. And I get the first time she made love with Tamlin, but behind-the-tapestry-makeout-scene didn’t appeal to me at all. Sure it was steamy, but why not say sorry or something? Oh wait, forget that, THAT WAS THE BEST REUNION SCENE EVERRRRR!!!

Tamlin….He was my Howl.

Lucien was my Killian Jones.

Rhysand was my Tom Hiddleston.

And when she turned into High Fae..

But when I read about spending a week every month with Rhysand…

I seriously don’t give a fuck about this new love triangle. Because it won’t be worth it. Tamlin is bae. End of.

I can see Lucien as a love interest…not Rhysand…okay, maybe.